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The Shadows - short bio

It all started in 1958, when Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch joined Cliff Richard's backing group The Drifters on a tour, with Ian "Move It" Samwell on bass guitar and Terry Smart on drums. Samwell and Smart was later replaced by Jet Harris on bass and Tony Meehan on drums, and they helped Cliff to get his first no 1 hit in 1959; "Living Doll". The Drifters recorded a couple of 45's by themself, but they didn't reach the charts.

In 1959 Cliff and The Drifters was touring in USA, but there was already a vocal group with the same name, so Jet Harris suggested the name, which has been the trade mark on guitar music since then; THE SHADOWS.

Their first single as The Shadows didn't made success, but their next record Apache became their greatest hit, and is their trade mark of The Shadows. They became very popular, both as Cliff's backing group and as a guitar group. The Shadows got a lot of hits in the early 60's and is the only band ever who had LP, EP and 45 at no. 1 at the same time!