Shadowmania 21. September 2002

All photos copyright Rune Moe

It was a great Shadowmania with 8 earlier Shadows members, and also great bands: Bruce Welch's Shadows, The Vibratos with Brian Bennett, The Rapiers with Jet Harris and Legend with Brian Licorice Locking

Interview with the audience

4 Shadows together on stage: Tony Meehan, Jet Harris, Bruce Welch and Brian Locking.

3 original members. Only Hank Marvin missing.

Brian Locking and Bruce


Bruce getting an award from Fender.

Bruce Welch's Shadows with guest starring Brian Bennett

Bruce introducing an old friend... BRIAN BENNETT

Bruce and Brian together on stage for the first time since 1990!

Brian played two tunes with Bruce; Riders in the Sky and Guitar Tango

This was a very emotional moment!

Brian thanking the audience.

"We Say Yeah" - Alan, Bruce and Phil.

Cliff, Bob, Alan, Phil and Bruce going off the stage.