Bruce with fans 2001

Tilburg, Holland: Bruce and Licorice with fans' Copyright: Caroline Firth

Tilburg, Holland: Bruce and Licorice with Angélique and Caroline Copyright C. Firth

Tilburg, Holland: Lisa and Bruce

Tilburg, Holland: Bruce and Ludo Albert (the man writing the "Composer" list on this website!)

Tilburg, Holland: Angélique and Bruce

Tilburg, Holland: David Martin and Bruce

Oslo, Norway: Bruce and Rune Moe

Oslo, Norway: Bruce and Lars-Erik Faugli

Lakeside, UK: Bruce and Jet with UB Hank Guitar Club Band

Lakeside, UK: Jet, Dave Dixon, Bruce and Joe Unsworth

Lakeside, UK: Keith West, Silvia and Bruce

Lakeside, UK: Gillian and Bruce

Lakeside, UK: Caroline and Angélique with Bruce

Toronto, Canada: Bruce with Martin Payne, Graham Willmott, John Bruce and Colin McGuffin.

Toronto, Canada: Bruce trying Graham Wilmotts (standing) Burns guitar

Toronto, Canada: Bruce andIvan Pongracic

Toronto, Canada: Bruce and Hans van Andel

Toronto, Canada: Kjetil Brekken, Bruce Welch, Svein Arild Tjemsland and Peter Ronaldson

Toronto, Canada: Bruce with The Reflections and Canadian friends