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I am a 24 years old Norwegian fan of The Shadows. Ibecame a Bruce Welch fan after watching him together with a Shadows tribute band named The Reflections, on the Norwegian Shadows Festival 1999.

I have watched Bruce many times and met him some times now, and I do not only admire his music and guitar playing, but also for what a phantastic person he is. After reading his self biography, I have become a big fan of him as the person he is. Bruce gives a lot of him self on stage with humor and serious stories, and say excactly what he means.

I hope he will be keeping the Shadows music alive so long he have the power and energy to do so.

Bruce - thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a great fan of you to a young guy who was borned 19 years after "Apache". All the best, with health and happiness, and good luck on your final tour with Hank and Brian!

All the best,

Rune Moe